Coaching is a powerful personal and professional development tool that facilitates the achievement of goals through a reflective and creative process. This collaborative approach not only focuses on improving performance, but is complemented by integrating disciplines such as Neolinguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Intelligence and Family Constellations, offering a deeper understanding of the human being and its interaction systems.

The Synergy of NLP in Coaching

NLP, founded by Frank Pucelik, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, is revealed as a key tool in coaching. Its focus on the perception of the world and the influence of our perceptions on behavior allows coachees to reprogram limiting thought patterns. This reprogramming facilitates not only self-knowledge, but also a significant improvement in communication and interpersonal relationships.

Frank Pucelik recognizes Jhon Grinder as a founding person who, if NLP had not been possible, you can read his book in English Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

This book brings together for the first time the memories and thoughts of some of the main protagonists of the early days of NLP. In 1971, when Richard Bandler and Frank Pucelik were students at the University of California, Santa Cruz. They both had a strong mutual interest in Gestalt Therapy. Frank because of his traumatic time in Vietnam and because he had been working with drug-addicted children, and Richard because he had been working on transcribing and editing the seminal works of Fritz Perls. They started a local gestalt group and began collaborating and experimenting with the language of therapy. They soon achieved some brilliant results, but had trouble transferring their skills to others, so Richard invited one of his professors, John Grinder, to add more structure to his theories. In due course, the three formalized what is now known as the Metamodel. NLP, or Meta, as it was known then, was born. In this volume, John, Frank, and each of the other contributors give their own personal account of this period of collaboration when something magical was happening in Northern California.

Of particular interest is the role Gregory Bateson played, particularly in uniting John and Richard with Milton H. Erickson. Contributors to this volume include: Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan, Judith Delozier, Byron Lewis, Terry McClendon (author of the first history of NLP, The Wild Days and others. An extremely insightful and fascinating read for anyone interested in NLP .

Currently, you can train directly with Frank Pucelik at D’ Arte Human and Business School where I have trained as a Master in Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence and also in a Master Trainer in Original NLP originally called META in the 70s where it was created and later known as Neolinguistic Programming (NLP) today.

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman popularized Emotional Intelligence, highlighting its importance for success beyond IQ. In coaching, you work to develop skills such as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. These skills are essential to effectively manage one’s own and others’ emotions, essential on the path to personal and professional achievement.

Recommended books:

Healing Relationships and Family Patterns

Family Constellations, introduced by Bert Hellinger, provide a systemic vision to coaching. This methodology allows us to identify and transform hidden dynamics within family systems that can influence personal blocks or challenges. By exploring these relationships and patterns, it facilitates the release of emotional ties and promotes personal harmony and well-being.

Jesus Bonales
Master Trainer in META (Original NLP) directly trained by Frank Pucelik and Enrique Jurado
Master in Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence

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